Seed to Surf - Plant-Based Seafood

Celery Root Smoked Whitefish - A modern twist on a forever favorite. This take on smoked whitefish combines the textural complexity of celeriac root, with that smoked fish umami you know and love. Rich, flaky and addictive— it’s amazing on salads, sandwiches and seacuterie boards.

Mushroom Snowcrab - With that magical combination of tender, salty, and sweet, this Enoki Mushroom Crab is love at first bite. Enjoy in rice bowls or ramen, fry up a mushroom crab cake, or squeeze some lemon and eat it straight from the tin – it’s that good.

Seed to Surf is a plant-based seafood brand that uses premium whole vegetables to recreate the seafood experience. But this isn’t in a replica, it’s an homage to vegetables and their ability to take on incredible flavour and texture. We’re untapping the marvels of whole vegetables to offer a distinct take on seafood.


Celery Root Smoked Whitefish: Celeriac, Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Seaweed (Konbu/Kelp), Natural Flavours, Lactic Acid

Mushroom Snowcrab: Enoki Mushrooms, Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Seaweed (Knob/Kelp), Natural Flavours

Product Specifications: 95g