ZoRaw - Protein Chocolate

Try the world’s healthiest protein chocolate bar - it's keto friendly!

This milk chocolate bars are made of premium fair-trade cocoa mass and and cocoa butter, which are blended with wholesome milk in this proprietary chocolate making process. This gives the chocolate an intensely chocolatey taste and creamy texture, all with just 3 grams of net carbs!

ZoRaw is a functional chocolate manufacturer proudly based out of Canada. Having experienced auto immune issues for several years, the founder stumbled upon the keto diet. Starting it just to lose weight, she miraculously found that one day she woke up with all of her symptoms gone. The benefits of the keto diet had such a positive impact that she's been on a high fat-low carb plan for years since. With this new lifestyle, the only issue she had was that she couldn’t find a good alternative for her favorite treat: chocolate. After attending a chocolate tour in South America, she started making her own chocolate recipes at home. Starting from just her basement, they grew to having their own chocolate factory!