POW! Puffs

 These puffed cheese snacks are free of any nuts, gluten, dairy, corn, soy, GMO’s, any fish products, shellfish products, peanuts, and are the best choice for people looking for a snack that truly anyone with any diet restrictions can eat. Open a bag to share with family and friends. These puffs are a lovely, crunchy, cheese tasting gluten free snack. Their special blend of ingredients and process separates them from the rest. Go ahead and try some and we promise you’ll taste the difference quality makes. 

POW! Puffs believes that for too long we've put up with the big bad cheese puff, lived under the tyranny of high calories & saturated fats, put up with artificial colors & flavors, tolerated genetically modified corn & soy, been told to get outta the way by obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and more! They've created a plant-based, high protein, sugar-free, non-gmo version of our old favorite cheese puffs! 

Ingredients: faba bean flour, pea starch, seasoning (organic tapioca maltodextrin, salt, natural flavour, garlic, yeast extract, onion, lactic acid, natural color, black pepper), pea protein, sunflower oil, chickpea flour, pea flour, pea hull fiber.

Product Specifications: 100g / 3.5oz