Cheeky Monkey - Fermented Fruit Twirls

Fruit Twirls are a healthy, fun treat that offers many health benefits as well as satisfying a sweet tooth. 75% of the fruit used to make the Fruit Twirls is ugly produce or fruit on the cusp of spoiling. Since the natural sugar content is at it’s highest, the fruit flavour is at the forefront.

Female founded and Toronto located, Cheeky Monkey Fermentreats was started in August 2020. Marina, a longtime amateur brewer of Kombucha had an excess of starter and SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). After plenty of recipe testing the end result were Fruit Twirls!!! 


Strawberry Ginger: Strawberries, ginger, local Ontario honey and Kombucha byproduct (SCOBY)

Raspberry Vanilla: Raspberries, local Ontario honey, Kombucha byproduct (SCOBY) and Mexican vanilla extract
Blueberry Lime: Blueberries, local Ontario honey, Kombucha byproduct (SCOBY) and lime
Apple Pie: Local Ontario apples, local Ontario honey, Kombucha byproduct (SCOBY), cinnamon and nutmeg

Product Specifications: 46g