Coconut Bliss - Ice Cream Bars

Coconut Bliss is an entirely organic & plant-based company, focusing on bettering the environment and individuals' health in a delicious way. 


Sea Salt Caramel: VEGAN ICE CREAM: *Coconut Milk (Water, *Coconut, *Guar Gum), *Agave Syrup, *Caramel (*Coconut Sugar, *Coconut Milk, Sea Salt, *Guar Gum), *Coconut Cream, Sea Salt. CHOCOLATE COATING: *†Dark Chocolate (*†Cocoa Mass, *†Cane Sugar, *†Cocoa Butter), *Coconut Oil.

Product Specifications: 3 bars / 9oz

Dark Chocolate: VEGAN ICE CREAM: *Coconut Milk (Water, *Coconut, *Guar Gum), *Agave Syrup, *†Cocoa (processed with alkali), *Vanilla Extract.

Product Specifications: 4 bars / 12oz

*Certified Organic †Fair Trade

**Please note - we do not advise that you order this via local delivery. Despite our efforts to keep products cool, it's hard for them to survive the trip! Order with caution.**