The Tahini Goddess - Sugar Free Halva

Halva, derived from the Arabic word halwa, meaning sweet, is one of the tastiest offerings of the Middle East. Tahini Goddess' halva is made by mixing tahini (sesame butter) with sweetener at a high temperature and then hand stirring through individual flavours. 

Tahini Goddess tahini and halva is made from sesame seeds sourced from Humera in Ethiopia. They remove the sesame peels before roasting for a smooth and creamy texture. It's roasted slowly at low temperatures to keep the health benefits. 


Cinnamonraw sesame seeds, maltitol, oat fiber, cinnamon, saponaria extract

Chocolate Chipraw sesame seeds, maltitol, oat fiber, unsweetened chocolate chips, saponaria extract .

Chocolate: raw sesame seeds, tiger nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, oat fiber, unsweetened raw cacao, Maltitol, saponaria extract ..

Product Specifications: 180g