Fern & Petal - Essential Oil

Morning Bliss: Roll out of bed with this bright and joyful blend designed for your daily AM routine.

Sweet DreamsA bedtime blend that helps you achieve that long awaited deep and restful sleep. An earthy bedtime blend of cedarwood, vetiver, and lavender.

Eucalyptus: A woodsy top note oil that helps relax and clear your mind. Also relieves cold & cough symptoms making you feel refreshed and energized.

Grapefruit: A citrus top note oil that smells refreshing, promotes energy and helps uplift the body & mind.

Lavender: A herbal/floral middle note oil that calms nerves, reduces anxiety & headaches and works as a natural sleep-aid.

Peppermint: A fresh herbal middle/top note oil that cools, refreshes and helps reduce muscle aches & pains.

Fern & Petal was born out of the difficult search to find high-quality, all-natural products that were made locally. They are a small, family-run business that puts quality first. All of their products are handmade and/or bottled locally in Vancouver BC, Canada. Their to help customers feel safe knowing that their products are all natural and of the highest of quality and help make the world a better place for everyone through sustainability and planting a tree with every order.

Product Specifications: 5ml