Glowvine - Candle/Planter

Glowvine started just like any other company, out of sheer frustration with another product. A simple question asked was, "how hard would it be to just turn a candle vessel into something worth keeping when it's finished burning?" The answer was to create a candle vessel cute and durable enough to turn into a planter.

Glowvine began as a capstone project by Xana Mills. One day when she was sitting and writing a paper, she looked up at the candle on her desk and was disappointed to see that it was almost out of wax. Initially, with the idea of creating a private label candle company, Xana decided it would be better to create a more sustainable product rather than contribute to the recycling industry.

Women-owned and operated in Toronto, Ontario. Each Glowvine candle is hand-poured using virgin-coconut soy wax with a cotton core wick. The vessels are made with Jesmonite, an eco-friendly and non-toxic material. They come equipped with a plugged drainage hole & drip tray to turn into a home for a 3-4" plant, or can be used to plant the wildflower seed dust cover.

Product Specifications: 9.67oz with a burn time of 45-55 hours.