Hodo Soy - Firm Organic Tofu

We know—we’ve heard it a million times: there’s just no way plain old tofu can be delicious by itself. But ask anyone who’s tried this firm tofu and they’ll tell you the same thing: it’s outrageously delicious. Here’s why: they make it the traditional way—by hand, fresh every time—with higher-protein soymilk that’s super rich and extra creamy. That means this tofu has more complexity and a depth of flavor that makes it really hard to eat any tofu that’s not Hodo. 

Hodo's team consists of food makers and artisans in Oakland, California obsessed with making delicious foods. They handcraft plant-based foods for people who love to eat well. They put their whole hearts into Hodo because they don’t want to be just a healthy alternative to your favorite food. They want to be your favorite food. Period.

Ingredients: Water, Organic Soybeans, Calcium Sulfate (a naturally occurring mineral).

Product Specifications: 10oz/284g