Junes - Bio Knit Tote


The perfect everyday tote, in three sizes. Made with recycled plastic bottles, Bio-Knit bags help reduce plastic pollution in our landfills and waterways. Naturally occurring microbes in the environment consume our fibers, just like they would cotton, wool, or rayon. Bio-Knit has a matte finish and softens over time, without losing tenacity. 

The Everyday Tote is good for any kind of day – from work and errands to beach and travel. Carries up to 40lb, 20” H: 13.5”, With straps: H: 28.5”

The Market Tote is the essential shopping bag, with longer handles for carrying tall greens, tall flowers, and taller things, in general. Carries up to 35lb, W: 15” H: 16”, With straps: H: 29”

The Grande Tote is our biggest bag, ideal for the beach or pool, travel, and overnighters. Carries up to 35lb, W: 22” H: 19”, With straps: H: 33”

Sourcing sustainable fabrics is what originally led founder, Janean Mann, to take a trip over the border from El Paso, Texas to Juarez, Mexico. She was in search of the perfect materials for her bags. During a trip in 2014, she was struck by the rows of fliers pleading for information on missing women, mostly young girls -  the deaths having grown exponentially since her last visit. Junes mission is to help the women of Juarez, weaving the mission into the very fabric of their bags. They've partnered with an all-female sewing co-op there to help women sustainably support their families and donate a portion of all sales to the Global Fund for Women to empower and protect women from gender-based violence.