Live - Kale Ceasar

This raw Kale Caesar features hearty torn kale, cherry tomatoes, capers and sprouted ancient grain croutons, all smothered in Live's famous vegan Caesar dressing.

Live focuses on taking nutrient rich, high quality ingredients and hand crafting them into the flavour packed products. They are committed to sourcing only non-GMO, certified organic and plant-based ingredients. All of their packaging is eco-friendly and all their products are made with whole, raw, gluten free, organic produce and real ingredients that you can pronounce.

Ingredients:  Kale*, Cherry Tomatoes*, Sprouted Croutons* (Sprouted Spelt*, Sprouted Kamut*, Sprouted Tritical*, Olive Oil*, Garlic*, Oregano*, Salt), Beets*, Mixed Seeds, (Sunflower Seeds*, Pumpkin Seeds*, Hemp Seeds*, Coconut Nectar*, Grey Salt, Cayenne*, Almond "Parmesan" (Almond Flour*, Nutritional Yeast, Grey Salt), Capers.  

Dressing Ingredients:  Olive Oil*, Lemon Juice*, Filtered Water, Garlic*, Capers, Nutritional Yeast, Dijon Mustard, Grey Salt.  


Product Specifications: 240g