Tahini Goddess- Tahini

Stone-ground, single-sourced seeds produce a smoother, creamier, irresistible tahini. 

Tahini Goddess tahini and halva is made from sesame seeds sourced from Humera in Ethiopia. They remove the sesame peels before roasting for a smooth and creamy texture. It's roasted slowly at low temperatures to keep the health benefits. 


Whole Sesame: Whole sesame tahini.

Spicy ChiliWhole sesame tahini, chili seasoning mixture (ground hot chili, salt, garlic powder, citric acid).

Pesto: Whole sesame tahini, pesto sauce (basil, walnuts, pine nuts) canola oil, salt, garlic powder, citric acid. 

Tzatziki: Whole sesame tahini, seasoning blend (garlic powder, citric acid, dill spice), salt.

Product Specifications: 250g