Province Apothecary - Essential Oil Incense

Lavender: Calming and relaxing. Lifts tension and instills calm, like a fragrant lavender field in the middle of summer.

Cedarwood: Grounding and strengthening. Clears and purifies, putting you at ease in your own skin.

Why it's special:

  • They infuse charcoal incense by hand with pure essential oils to bring you effortless aromatherapy for your everyday spaces.
  • These incense are always free from synthetic fragrances and chemicals.

Province Apothecary believes in the power of natural, therapeutic ingredients as part of a holistic approach to beauty and wellness. Province Apothecary sources the highest quality organic, wildcrafted ingredients from each Canadian Province and hand-blends these ingredients in small batches to create skincare that will nourish + balance skin.

Product Specifications: