Quinn - Microwave Popcorn

Quinn has simplified microwave popcorn so you get ONLY the ingredients you want. This microwave popcorn is USDA Certified Organic and includes only Organic, Non-GMO kernels. Enjoy the simplicity of microwave popcorn like it’s never tasted before: CLEAN.

Quinn uses simple, delicious, real ingredients and never hides behind mysterious natural flavours. Oh and they kicked a few ingredients to the curb like artificial flavourings, preservatives and other unpronounceable and use organic and non-GMO ingredients whenever available.


Real Butter & Sea Salt: Organic Yellow Butterfly PopcornHigh Oleic Sunflower OilDried ButterSea Salt

Just Sea Salt: Organic Yellow Butterfly PopcornSea Salt

Vermont Maple Kettle CornOrganic Yellow Butterfly PopcornHigh Oleic Sunflower OilVermont Maple SugarSea Salt

Product Specifications: 7oz