Right Rice - Rice Made from Vegetables

This blend of over 90% nutritious vegetables and rice was inspired by the the love of rice and the desire to create a grain that gives you more plant-based protein and fiber. Now you can soak up great sauces, complement courses, and inspire your next meal.

Right Rice founder, Keith, always loved rice but didn't love the empty calories, all the carbs, and that mystery packet of seasoning. When he realized he wasn’t the only one, he decided to create right rice. 


OriginalLentil flour, chickpea flour, pea fiber, rice flour, sunflower oil, salt.

Garlic and Herb: Lentil flour, chickpea flour, pea fiber, rice flour, sunflower oil, salt, maltodextrin, garlic powder, spices, onion powder, sugar, yeast extract, parsley, citric acid, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice solids, red wine vinegar, white balsamic vinegar solids, tartaric acid, chili pepper, natural flavours.

Fried Rice: Rightrice (lentil flour, chickpea flour, pea fiber, rice flour), quinoa, sorghum, dehydrated vegetables (red bell pepper, peas, carrots, onion, garlic), dehydrated pineapple, sunflower oil, sea salt, sugar, brown sugar, spices, toasted sesame oil, natural flavors, citric acid, rice vinegar powder, tartaric acid.

Product Specifications: 198g