Second Spring - Sprouted Lentil Trio

These Organic Sprouted Lentil trio is a versatile and nutritious blend of green, black and brown lentils. Each variety goes through a slow soaking and sprouting period, so no pre-soaking is needed. This improves their digestibility, enhances their taste and texture, and reduces their cook time to just 10 minutes. They are an excellent source of protein, fibre, iron, magnesium and zinc. In fact, one serving is 11g of protein, 9g of fibre and 19% of your daily iron. These lentils proudly grow and sprout in Canada.

Sprouted lentils are perfect for quick, colourful, filling and nourishing meals. They have a tender texture and mild earthy flavour. Like other pulses, they cook by simply boiling in water.

Sprouting breathes life into a dormant seed, enhancing it’s flavour, texture, nutrition and digestibility. Second Spring Foods was founded with a deep respect for food traditions and a desire to revive a positive food culture. Their mission is to use nourishing food traditions like sprouting and fermentation to revitalize the modern pantry with whole foods. 

Ingredients: Organic sprouted green lentils, organic sprouted brown lentils, Organic sprouted black lentils

Product Specifications: 325g