Second Spring - Tri Color Quinoa

Organic sprouted tri-colour quinoa is high in protein and essential nutrients. It is quick and easy to cook and adds a pop of colour to any meal! Enjoy organic sprouted quinoa as a cold salad, side dish, grain bowl, casserole and more. Sprouting quinoa aids in digestibility and reduces bitterness (saponin), resulting in a lighter, more subtle flavour. It also reduces its cook time to just 15 minutes, making it the perfect grain for a quick, nutritious and satisfying meal. 

Sprouting breathes life into a dormant seed, enhancing it’s flavour, texture, nutrition and digestibility. Second Spring Foods was founded with a deep respect for food traditions and a desire to revive a positive food culture. Their mission is to use nourishing food traditions like sprouting and fermentation to revitalize the modern pantry with whole foods. 

Ingredients: Organic sprouted white quinoa, Organic sprouted red quinoa, Organic sprouted black quinoa

Product Specifications: 400g