Shot of Gold - Turmeric Powder Sachets

Pure, all-natural small-batch turmeric powder from India with pink Himalayan salt. Did you know that this pink salt is the healthiest salt in the world, with over 84 minerals and trace elements? Enjoy a shot of our turmeric and pink salt blend in anything savory and skip the bad white table salt. We love it in lattes, smoothies, salad dressings, soups, quinoa and baked veggies.

Whether you’re looking to prevent or alleviate aches and pains related to exercise and sport, boost your overall immunity during COVID and cold & flu season, brighten your skin, whiten your teeth – or perhaps all of the above – Shot of Gold has created three certified organic and fair-trade turmeric blends to do it all, without the mess and stubborn stains commonly associated with this powerful superfood. They also give a portion of every single sale back to schoolgirls in India through their inspiring and trusted charity partner, Magic Bus.

Product Specifications: 6 sachets / 42g