Together - Hemp Protein Powder

Packed with vitamins and minerals, this protein powder is an all natural protein source with high bioavailability. Rich in antioxidants, and chlorophyll and containing a high prebiotic fibre content for easy digestion. The ultimate energy source for healthy active lifestyles.

The Cacao flavour is featuring pure roasted cacao from Toronto’s ChocoSol Traders. Perfect for smoothies, power shakes, and baked goods. Chocosol cacao is horizontally traded from forest gardens rooted in the indigenous spiritual ecology of the Americas.

Based in Toronto, ON, Together Hemp is a group of friends, who bonded over their love of nature, music, surfing, art, and healthy food. Together Hemp Co. is their effort to contribute to a greener economy, and a happier, healthier world.


Natural Ingredients: Raw organic hemp seed.

Cocoa Ingredients: Raw hemp seed, roasted cacao.

Product Specifications: 454g