Natur All - Plant-Based Milk

This Barista edition is a premium plant-based drink alternative. Get yourself a frothy coffee with light foam and a 100% plant-based flavour. With no sugar or sweeteners added, it is a rare find and absolutely delicious! 

Also known as Vege All. 

This Spain-based company is focused on loving the simplicity of things done well, using real ingredients for real people. They believe in people taking care of themselves without sacrificing pleasure. They are committed to a sustainable production process, minimizing water & energy consumption and using waste for animal consumption.


    Oat: Water, Oat. 

    May contain traces of: Almonds, cashews and hazelnuts.

    Almond: Water, Almonds, Emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), Sea salt, Natural Flavourings.

    Contains: almonds.

    May contain: Cashews and hazelnuts. 

    Soy: Water, Dehulled soya beans, Salt

    Contains: soya.


    Product Specifications: 1L