Wild Made - Fruit Punch Fruit Rolls

So many fruits, so little time. Every bite is bursting with fun and fruitiness! The perfect punch pairs grape and kiwi with apple and pear. No single flavor stands out above the rest because mouthwatering harmony is just how Wild Made rolls.

Wildmade™ founders Lisa and John have always had a thing for real food. Growing it. Eating it. Loving it. So after living and working on organic farms across Europe, their passion ripened into a whole new slant on snacking: delightful fruit, vibrant veggies and flavors so unique they’re downright surprising. Now it’s your turn to open wide and devour the wildly delicious results.

Ingredients: organic apple puree, organic pear puree, organic kiwi puree, organic grape puree concentrate, organic beet puree

Product Specifications: 60g (5 rolls)