Gldn Hour - Collagen Sparkling Water

 We all make time for the beauty we can see but often forget how valuable it is to build beauty from within. that’s why gldn hour was created; each can contains 5g of collagen that will boost beauty from the inside out. rejuvenating and refreshing, gldn hour is like taking a sip of self-care.

all natural, infused with sustainably caught marine collagen and organic aloe vera inner leaf, gldn hour sparkling waters make it easy to drink more than your daily dose of self-care. inspired by the rising and setting of the sun, cherish the moment and take a sip of beauty on-the-go. 


5g of hydrolyzed marine collagen, 36 mg organic inner leaf aloe vera powder, Organic juices, Natural flavours

No sugar or sweeteners, low calories, organic juices, no preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours

Product Specifications: 355ml / 12 fl oz