ALTKO - 1L Jug

Explore the ideal vessel for your freshly crafted plant milk with this 1-litre reusable glass bottle. Crafted with care from durable, dishwasher-safe, and food-safe glass, this container provides a fortress against unwanted odours and flavours. Secure your concoctions with the ALTKO pink snap-on lid—BPA-free, ensuring your plant milk remains impeccably preserved until your next sip.

Product Specifications: 1L bottle

Meet Arya Hamedani and Karl Kuus - the founders of ALTKO. Their shared passion for sustainability and taste led them to establish ALTKO - an alternative milk company with a difference. Their mission is to tackle carton waste and reduce carbon footprints, while simultaneously delivering a product free from added sugars, additives, preservatives, or oils that are commonly found in alternative milks. At ALTKO, they are committed to introducing incredible-tasting products without sacrificing the well-being of our planet.