Bôrd - Candle Board

Folklore Bôrd (stained and naked)

This bôrd includes fourteen candles, which come in three colours. Featuring ivory, white, and sandstone, the candles range from 15” to 18” in height. 

bôrd measurements: 2.5” h x 6” w x 24” l.

Folklore Mini Bôrd (naked)

This bôrd includes eight candles, which come in two colours. Featuring ivory and sandstone, the candles range from 10” to 12” in height.

bôrd measurements: 2.5” h x 6” w x 12” 

bôrd was founded at the beginning of 2020 as a collective that aims to unite friends and family, night or day, on any occasion. We were deeply inspired in having a traditional centrepiece for various occasions while maintaining a chic, Scandinavian design. Each bôrd is handmade by us; we sustainably procure the wood from the Georgian Bay/Muskoka area and source our candles from Yummi Candles. With the intention of joining as a guest at your next celebration, bôrd will show up and reimagine your table design in a unique way. For us, celebration and tradition are true facets of our daily lives. Whether it be with family or friends, casual or fancy, we want to make bôrd a tradition. We look forward to joining your table.