Conestoga Farms - Hard Boiled Medium Free Run Eggs 3x2

Conestoga Farms® Free Run On the Run™ eggs are cooked and peeled, then packaged in a convenient twin pack, for an easy, ready-to-eat snack – no peeling required.

All of these hard boiled and peeled eggs start out as farm fresh, free run eggs, laid by Ontario-raised free run hens. These hens live in open concept, weather sheltered barns, where they can freely forage, scratch, peck, perch and lay their eggs in nest boxes.

All packaging for Conestoga Farms egg cartons are made from 100% post consumer recycled materials. Empty cartons are 100% recyclable (where available).

Ingredients: Whole Eggs

Product Specifications: 2 eggs x 3 packs (264g)