Dedcool - Massage Candle Taunt

DedCool was founded with generations of beauty expertise behind it. Fragrance was Carina’s passion from the very beginning. Growing up alongside her mother as a beauty formulator, with a lab as her playground, it was natural for Carina to create DedCool. Her love of scent and a general rejection of the way the Fragrance industry operates, lit a fire under Carina to create a modern 21st Century definition of what Fragrance means. It started humbly on Instagram, and then grew to knocking on the doors of local retail shops with the hope of being carried on consignment. This resulted in relationships with stores, and boutiques to then cultivating

All of their product formulations are created with vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. They’re also all biodegradable, with byproducts breaking down naturally into the environment they’re released into. All of their fragrances are also water-free, meaning they have a higher concentration of plant extracts which ultimately last longer on the skin.

Their fragrance formulation is also highly functional, containing a proprietary organic blend of 21 mood-boosting plant extracts that have anti-inflammatory properties to support wellbeing.

Meet a new way to Taunt. Your favorite scent, embedded in a massage candle. For slowing down and savoring intimate moments with yourself or your partner. Just burn, melt, cool, and feel.

Free of: Toxic ingredients, lead, zinc, paraffins, parabens. 100% hand poured + cotton wick + vegetable wax blend




Ingredients: Soy Bean Wax, Soy Bean Oil, Apricot Oil, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil.

Product Specifications: 9 Oz