Designs for Health - Prenatal Pro

Prenatal Pro™ provides optimal supplementation for pregnant women, lactating women, and women wishing to become pregnant. This prenatal multivitamin contains active isomer naturally-occurring folates in place of synthetic folic acid; also it contains Ferrochel chelated iron, which is the most bioavailable on the market and non-constipating. The minerals chosen for Prenatal Pro™ are true chelates, which provide superior absorption compared to those found in standard prenatal vitamins.

Designs for Health, established in 1989 as a family-owned company, is committed to science-based nutrition and natural medicine. They develop high-quality nutritional supplements for healthcare professionals, emphasizing research-driven, evidence-based products with therapeutic ingredients. Designs for Health prioritizes holistic and functional medicine, aiming to transform healthcare through education and innovation.

Product Specifications: 120 capsules