Designs for Health - Twice Daily Multi

Twice Daily Multi™ contains optimal amounts of many nutrients not easily obtained in most diets. It uses higher quality ingredients than most multivitamins, including vitamin E as high gamma mixed-tocopherols, this proprietary NatureFolate™ blend of active isomer naturally-occurring folates, and true amino acid chelate minerals for optimal tolerance and absorption. These exceptional ingredients are combined in an up-to- date, science-based formulation to create a truly superior multi.

Designs for Health, established in 1989 as a family-owned company, is committed to science-based nutrition and natural medicine. They develop high-quality nutritional supplements for healthcare professionals, emphasizing research-driven, evidence-based products with therapeutic ingredients. Designs for Health prioritizes holistic and functional medicine, aiming to transform healthcare through education and innovation.

Product Specifications: 120 capsules