Dream Pops: Dream Bites

Dream Pops have remained irresistibly delicious, while proving to be undeniably unhealthy. By creating a flavor-packed plant-based alternative powered by real food and real ingredients, They're rewriting culinary history. 

Gone are the days of subpar ice cream, stomach aches and sticky hands. Dream Pops partnered with a three-star Michelin chef, sourced the best ingredients & equipment known to mankind, and designed their ice cream with an ergonomic touch. They prioritize what you put in your body above all else. Nutrient dense clean treats with a creamy consistency much like ice cream.


Berry Dreams: Vegan Chocolate, Coconut Cream, Strawberry, Coconut Milk, Raspberry, Organic Coconut Sugar, Passion Fruit, Baobab, Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Sky: Coconut Cream, Coconut Milk, Vegan Chocolate, Organic Coconut Sugar, Vanilla Extract, Caramelized Vanilla Bean Extract

Cookie Dough: 

Birthday Cake: 

Product Specifications: 108mL

 **Please note - we do not advise that you order this via local delivery. Despite our efforts to keep products cool, it's hard for them to survive the trip! Order with caution.**