Four Sigmatic - Mushroom Golden Latte Mix with Turkey Tail

Support beauty where it counts – from within. This lightly sweet and dairy-free Golden Latte with Shiitake and Turmeric is like your own personal airbrush tool, but better, helping you put your best face forward with beautifying shiitake and glow-from-within turmeric. Additional ingredients include adaptogenic tulsi, warming ginger, and a pinch of black pepper to support turmeric’s skin-loving properties.

Taking inspiration from their grandparents brewing mushrooms as a coffee replacement in WWII, this Finnish based company wants to turn your everyday staples into uber functional foods. 'Four Sigmatic' is statistics-speak for the best of the best foods. Four Sigmatic foods are the most nutrient dense, most studied foods on the planet. Only 100 foods fall into this category and those are the foods you’ll find in their products. 

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Milk Powder, Organic Turmeric Powder (900mg), Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Organic Turkey Tail Extract (500mg), Organic Ginger Powder, Organic Holy Basil (Tulsi) Extract, Organic Black Pepper Powder, Reb A (Organic Stevia Extract).
Product Specifications: 60g/10 packets