Good Goddess - Organic Coffee Beans: Boostina

Tasted and tested for months in order to create a coffee fit for a Goddess: strong but smooth with hints of cocoa and toasted sugar, without the sugar.

About the beans:

Rich in polyphenols, a rich source of dietary antioxidants
Perfectly formulated to compliments all the GG coffee boosters
Metabolizes fat (when enjoyed without sugar or any sweeteners)
Offers energy with no crash, especially when combined with our Fantastic Fat MCT oil
Tested for mold (yes mold, which is very common in commercial beans)

The most important reason to buy whole beans rather than ground is freshness; because once a bean has been ground, coffee will go stale very fast! The beautiful flavour in the bean oils will evaporate once the beans are ground up, which means they need to be locked in their protective shell until coffee time, otherwise it loses about 60% of its aroma! Coffee oils are also very delicate, which make them an easy victim of contamination. 

Good Goddess offers a contemporary outlook on premium wellness, taking the confusion out of getting healthy. Their beverage & food-activating products are a hybrid between nutritional health + beauty and promise to get you glowing from the inside out. 

Ingredients: Whole organic coffee beans

Product Specifications: 1lbs bag