Healing Home - Graham Bites

Made with only six ingredients, these Baked Classic Graham Bites are simply delicious. Savor them on their own, or use them as the perfect vessel for S'mores. Almond flour serves as the base for this yummy treat, with a dash of ground organic cinnamon and nutmeg offering just the perfect subtle spice to balance out their sweetness. A nutrient-packed snack for any time of day.

After her son was diagnosed with autism, the founder of Healing Home Foods removed all dairy, gluten, grains, sugar, starches and preservatives from her family's diet. The positive changes in her son's mood and health were so immediate and profound that she became hooked on the quest for knowledge about how food contributes to our mental and physical health. She started selling locally made products from her home but soon needed to expand within 2 large commercial kitchens to meet the demand! 

Ingredients: Almond flour, *maple syrup, *sprouted almonds, *cinnamon, Himalayan crystal salt, *nutmeg, *aluminum-free baking powder (*grape juice concentrate extract, *corn starch, sodium bicarbonate).

Product Specifications: 5oz