Indigo Soda - CO2 Cylinder

You love bubbles? Us too, we particularly love them! Indigo Soda's solution to add sparkle in our day-to-day is to put these CO2 bottles at work. Make flat water sprinkle, this is their mission! 

When you buy the cylinder for the first time, it's $28.50. If you bring your empty cylinder back to the store you can receive a new one for $12.50! 

As a Quebec entrepreneur, Indigo Soda wants to make CO2 refilling affordable and accessible. Their price is 35% cheaper than their competitors. 

What about your water carbonation system? These cylinders are fully compatible with all systems using a 0.6L cylinder including SodaStream, Aarke, Drinkmate and others.**

**The newly released soda stream requires a connector to become compatible. Please see Indigo's website for details.**

Product Specifications: 0.6L