Juniper Planter by Conifer Homewares

NEW! The Juniper planter by Conifer Homewares is the latest edition to join our eco & up-cycled planter line-up.

All Conifer products are 3D printed out of upcycled plant-based materials and manufactured in Vancouver BC!

About the brand

Conifer Founder, Evan created the company out of a combined passion for nature, sustainability and design.

As an Industrial Designer, he had observed the wasteful practises of the consumer product industry first-hand and was driven to do things differently. 

All Conifer products are created using plant-based materials made from corn, sugarcane and / or tree fiber.  Working with local material suppliers in British Columbia, they are able to recycle all scraps and misprints back into raw material.  Conifer also produce all their products locally in Vancouver, Canada, to further minimize their environmental footprint. 

Conifer also offset all carbon emissions due to shipping to be as sustainable as possible.

 *Plant shown not included