Lily's - Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

We get it. Lily's Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds are irresistible. Bold, crunchy, and satisfying. Less Sugar. Sweet Life.

In everything Lily's makes, they source Non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients harvested through Fair Trade practices, and ensure every product is botanically sweetened—meaning no refined or processed sugars. The outcome? A chocolate with no added sugar that’s filled to the brim with pure deliciousness.

IngredientsDry Roasted Almonds, Unsweetened Cocoa, Chicory Root Fiber, Dextrin, Erythritol, Cocoa Butter, Milk Fat (rBST Free), Organic Soy Lecithin, Sunflower Lecithin, Stevia Extract, Vanilla Extract.

Product Specifications: 99g