Opus - Temperance Beverages

Whether you’re celebrating your latest promotion, rewarding yourself after a long hike, or simply settled in on a Sunday evening mentally preparing for the week to come, there’s an Opus cocktail for you.

Gin & Tonic: a Spanish-style gin & tonic featuring handcrafted aromatic bitters made with real spices and notes of fresh cucumber, blood orange, lime, and fresh mint leaves.

Aperitivo Spritz: a refreshing European aperitivo featuring notes of fresh seville oranges, grapefruit, rhubarb, and handcrafted aromatic bitters made with real spices.

Peach Bellini: The newest Cocktail Peach Bellini with smooth notes of fresh peaches combined with Handcrafted Aromatic Bitters, real spices, herbs and sparkling Prosecco

Opus was created with a passion for creativity and a passion for the perfect cocktail experience... with none of the prep work. Their specific brand of high quality, hand-crafted and incredibly detail orient recipes are something that they hope will come to lead the hospitality industry and cocktails in general to a higher standard. Gone are the days of ingredients you can’t pronounce that have been thrown together carelessly and without thought or regard for how this will affect your body now and in the future.


G+T: Alcohol Free Gin - Spices & Herbs - Indian Tonic - All Natural Flavours - Handcrafted Bitters - Soda Water - Organic Stevia leaf

Apertivo Spritz: Alcohol Free Aperitivo - Spices & Herbs - All Natural Flavours - Soda Water - Handcrafted Bitters - Organic Stevia leaf

Peach Bellini: Water, spices & herbs, soda water, handcrafted bitters, and organic stevia leaf extract

Product Specifications: 4 x 355mL