Schinoussa - Raw Vegan Paleo Protein Powder

A complete amino acid profile plant protein. Clean label ingredients. This paleo protein is an elite blend of the best land based plant protein. It supports your health goals and is designed to be easily digested & assimilated in the body. This will ensure maximum absorption & avoid stomach discomfort in healthy individuals. This amazing blend is the market leader in fiber, 30% compared to 10% per serving in other brands. This makes a great ingredient for healthy baked goods such as cookies or muffins. 

Quantum Nutrition is a natural food company founded by John Koveos B.Sc, H.D in Vaughn Ontario. In 2004 John was in near death accident where a tractor trailer T-boned his vehicle. Suffering many injuries from this John used his knowledge and formulated the most powerful superfood to recover from many complications. This Superfood is Schinoussa sea vegetables. With this, Quantum Nutrition Inc was born. He introduced this formula in his clinic in 2005. The response by his clients was immediate and word of mouth spread this product to be in every major health store and grocery retailer in Canada. Quantum Nutrition now has many scientifically formulated therapeutic products created by John so everyone can now have the opportunity to choose the healthiest products for a healthy life!


Chocolate: Organic Fermented Pea, Organic Fermented Brown Rice Protein, Organic Hemp, Organic Cacao Flavor, Organic Non-Bitter Stevia

S'Mores: Organic Fermented Pea, Organic Fermented Brown Rice Protein, Organic Hemp, Natural Flavor, Organic Non-Bitter Stevia

Product Specifications: 484g (15 servings)