Spruce Planter + Marble Queen Pothos

6 inch Plant + Planter combo

About the Planter;

3D printed out of upcycled plant-based materials, Conifer Homewares Planters also contains a key special feature - a water reservoir hidden in the base of the planter helps prevent messy spills from over-watering. Better drainage helps you maintain the moisture level of the soil to keep your plant alive. 

All Conifer products are created using plant-based materials made from corn, sugarcane and / or tree fiber.  Working with local material suppliers in British Columbia, they are able to recycle all scraps and misprints back into raw material.  Conifer also produce all their products locally in Vancouver, Canada, to further minimize their environmental footprint. 

Conifer also offset all carbon emissions due to shipping to be as sustainable as possible.

About the Plant

This highly variegated pothos is versatile, forgiving, and easy to grow. They can grow well in nearly any space in your home, and don’t require things like regular pruning or repotting in order to thrive. In fact, marble queen pothos enjoy being slightly rootbound, and should only need to be repotted once every couple of years. 

While marble queen pothos can flower, it is rare to see them flower indoors and their flowers are fairly insignificant compared to their stunning foliage anyways. However, if you are lucky enough to see one, it is a great sign that your pothos is happy and thriving under your care.