The Poet - Smoky Eggplant with Fried Garlic

Using a combination of traditional cooking methods from the Mediterranean and surrounding regions, Poet Kitchen roasts whole eggplants and garlic over an open fire, which lends this dip its smoky undercurrent. Over the flame, these ingredients are transformed into a thick texture that is sweet, rich, and exceptionally delicious. A hint of mint adds a unique twist for a dip with complex layers of flavour.
The Poet Kitchen Co. is born out of the Toronto-based restaurant The Poet Cafe. Founded by two friends and fellow food enthusiasts, the restaurant flourished into one of the city’s most popular brunch destinations in the downtown area. In their culinary journey, it soon became clear that there was a want in the market for healthy, environmentally-friendly, delicious food that is both additive-free and high-quality – and so The Poet Kitchen Co. was brought to life.

Ingredients: Eggplant, Tahini (Sesame Seeds), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, Kosher Salt, Dried Mint, Black Pepper

Product Specifications: 220g