Zing - Buzz Hot Honey

The sweetness of the honey is punctuated by a citrusy tartness that works in perfect harmony with the heat from the chillies. Use it to coat stir-fried veggies, as a condiment on a cheese board, in a fun cocktail, to switch up a roast chicken dinner or level up your pancakes. The possibilities are pretty exciting.
Zing is a line of pantry shortcuts designed to help you make quick, delicious meals at home, with recipes inspired from around the world. As a BIPOC-led business, when it comes to the convenience of home cooking, access to new, diverse, and interesting flavours should never be a barrier to enjoying them when you eat at home. 

Ingredients: Honey, vinegar, chillies, spices, salt, lime leaf, lemongrass 

Product Specifications: 175g