Avoiding Dehydration 101 by Organika Health

Avoiding Dehydration 101 by Organika Health
*article courtesy of Organika Health*

Benefits, tips and tricks to keep you hydrated to the max!


We know hydration is key to good health. It doesn’t always mean it’s easy to meet the daily requirements.

If you struggle with meeting your recommended 2L of water intake daily, you're not alone. In fact, past reports suggest that most Canadians are not drinking enough and are dehydrated as a result. Yikes!

Before we solve this problem together, let’s review why it’s important to meet your H₂O needs.


They don’t call it the “drink of life” for no reason. Water quite literally aids crucial functions in the body to maintain health.


Specifically, water is needed to:

  • move nutrients through the body to where they need to be
  • help remove waste and toxins OUT of the body
  • keep blood pressure normal by helping blood flow smoothly
  • protect and provide cushioning for joints and organs
  • maintain a normal body temperature.

When you don’t drink enough water (and about 45% of Canadians do not), that’s when dehydration symptoms kick in.

Dehydration can show up in so many ways, but common symptoms are dry mouth and lips, lacklustre or dry skin, headaches, dizziness, dark yellow or strong-smelling urine, low blood pressure or an increased heart rate.

The important thing to avoid is being dehydrated often. Long-term dehydration can have serious negative health effects.


PRO TIP: once you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated... but you can reverse it easily.


A common mistake is trying to get in all of your daily water intake at once, in fact it’s not recommended to do that. It’s much better to aim to drink fluids often and throughout the day.

5 tried and tested tips

1. Avoid soft drinks and limit caffeine
Caffeine and soft drinks have the opposite effect and cause dehydration. Drinks with caffeine should be limited to 3 cups per day.

2. Carry a water bottle with you
Whether you're travelling, going to and from work, or just heading out for some leisure, carry a water bottle. You are more likely to meet your goals when water is by your side throughout the day.

3. Enjoy other fluids that help with hydration
Other fluids such as milk (dairy or non-dairy), fortified soy beverages, 100% vegetable or fruit juices, herbal teas and broths can all count towards your goal. Just ensure to choose water, when possible, but it’s ok to mix it up!

4. Flavour your water
Water doesn’t have to be boring. Add lemon, lime, oranges, cucumbers, mint or berries to create some flavour! Our community loves our Effervess (which adds vitamin C and collagen to your water... even on-the-go).

5. Drink more water when in hot weather or during activity
As you sweat, you lose both electrolytes and water. During these times, it’s a good idea to increase your water intake to prevent heat stroke or dizzy spells.


Making it even easier, Organika has lots of water enhancers to meet your goals, making water fun while providing additional benefits. One of the best ways to hydrate is to throw some electrolytes into the mix.

Taking a scoop of Electrolyte - Wild Raspberry or Electrolytes + Enhanced Collagen™* boosts your water with thirst-quenching flavours, but also provides added vitamins and minerals to replenish nutrients lost with sweat or during sickness.

PRO TIP: if you love soda, Electrolytes + Enhanced Collagen™ is a PERFECT replacement to curb those cravings.

 *Electrolytes + Enhanced Collagen™ won Best New Product Award in 2022!

Make the most of your water – you can add an Effervess tablet and watch it fizz, instantly turning your water into a sparkling beverage. Effervess replenishes your water with hydrolyzed marine collagen and vitamin C to give you some added skin benefits.

You can also amplify your water without the collagen with Instant C, D, Zinc Immunity Effervescent. Get important immune boosting nutrients and flavour your water to meet your hydration goals.


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