What We're Sipping On This Month: Dry January + Recipe!

What We're Sipping On This Month: Dry January + Recipe!

Cheers to the fresh start of the new year! Whether you're diving into Dry January or just curious about a sober adventure to kick off 2024, we're your trusty sidekick for navigating the sans-alcohol scene with style and a sprinkle of fun!

If you're on the lookout for a chic and classy alternative to bring to a shindig or simply adore fantastic flavours, we've got you covered. Some of our choices are infused with functional adaptogens and botanicals to recreate the euphoric and soothing sensations of alcohol. It's like a whole new kind of buzz without the dreaded morning-after blues (or grapejuice blues @harrystyles).

Say goodbye to the usual mocktail routine or the classic soda water with lime—our alternatives are here to shake things up in the most delightful way possible.

Here is our list of sophisticated cocktails or aperitifs sans alcohol:


Kin Euphorics:

Adaptogens - to help you manage stress
Nootropics - to support brain cognition
Botanics - to centre the spirit & elevate taste

Lightwave: Portal to Peace
Kin Bloom: Heart Opening Joy
Kin Spritz: Invigorating Energizer
Actual Sunshine: Immunity & Beauty Booster


De Soi

De Soi:

Anytime Aperitifs
Aperitif / (a:,peri'ti:f)/'
A beverage that opens you up to drinking in the moment
low sugar, made with natural botanicals, vegan, gluten free

Tres Rose:  Bright red fruits, subtle florals
Golden Hour:  Crisp, citrus zest, herbaceous
Champaign Dreams:  Jammy summer fruit, earthy, bitter
Purple Lune:  Rich forest berries, vanilla oak



handcrafted in Canada, a premium alcohol-free beverage - zero sugar, zero calories - zero moments wasted

Peach Bellini:  smooth notes of fresh peaches combined with handcrafted aromatic bitters, real spices, herbs and sparkling prosecco
Gin & Tonic: Spanish-style gin & Tonic, featuring handcrafted aromatic bitters made with real spices and notes of fresh cucumber, blood orange, lime, and fresh mint leaves
Aperitivo Spritz:  notes of fresh Seville oranges, grapefruit, rhubarb, and handcrafted aromatic bitters made with real spices and sparkling prosecco
Lime Margarita:  A blend of tequila extracts, bitter orange, lime juice, and a pinch of salt



A bubble out of the ordinary
Lightwave: Crunchy cucumber and sun-soaked pineapple with 
a subtle smooch of lavender
Love Bite: Tart pink grapefruit and a cheeky bite of ginger with earthy juniper
Wild Card: Tangy blood orange and electric calamansi with 
a flicker of hot jalapeno pepper

Speaking of upgrades, did you catch Ripe's ingenious bone broth Caesar from last year? I'm absolutely hooked on it—it's not just a tasty treat but also a gut-healing wonder. Give it a whirl, even if Dry January isn't your gig this time around. Cheers to a flavorful and fabulous new year! 🎉🥂


Bone Broth Caesar 🍅
Per cocktail

For the rim:
1 heaping tablespoon
@ripe_lifestyle mild child sauce
+ sea salt 💫

1 dash Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco
4 ounces tomato and clam juice we love 👉 walters
2 ounces bone liquid gold broth @ripe_lifestyle
1 ounce ripe pickle juice
1/2 lime

optional: add a couple dashes of ripe hot sauce

1 celery stick
olives always
fennel wedge
Red pepper
Jalapeño slice (remove seeds)
heaping tablespoon of sauerkraut 🌟

Happy sipping in this new year!


The Coco Market Team

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