Peanut Butter Chocolate Frozen Protein Bars

Peanut Butter Chocolate Frozen Protein Bars

Welcome to a guilt-free indulgence that combines the irresistible flavors we all know and love. Introducing the peanut butter Chocolate frozen Protein bars - a treat that’s just as good for you as it is delicious. These bars mirror the taste of a Dairy Queen buster bar, but are loaded with protein and real ingredients. Not only are these bars a delicious treat but they are perfect for customizing to your needs, both from a dietary and preference standpoint! We only used 6 simple ingredients, which made these bars gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, vegan, and paleo friendly!  However you decide to make yours - these creamy on the inside, crunchy on the outside delights work as a perfect post workout snack or a satisfying dessert. Here’s how we did it:

What you’ll need:

  • Yogurt 
  • To keep this snack dairy free, we used Good Goddess Coconut Cloud Yogurt. It’s rich, creamy, filled with probiotics, and handmade locally. Not to mention delicious…

    You can get order yours here

    Some other dairy free yogurts that would also be good:

  • Peanut Butter 
  • You can’t go wrong with any of the peanut butters we sell, but we loved using MaraNatha’s creamy organic peanut butter. Made simply with 100% organic dry roasted peanuts and sea salt, it’s flavourful, high quality, and dangerously easy to consume by the spoonful. 

    Grab it here -

    An alternative for those who are peanut free is to use our beloved Oat Haus mixes instead! Made from granola but with the texture of a smooth nut spread, these nut friendly products are very popular and have a wide variety of flavors! 

    Check them out here -

  • Protein Powder 
  • For this recipe we used Nuzest - clean Lean Protein (rich chocolate) to do the job. Although any protein powder will do, we love using Nuzest for its delicious flavor and de-bloating/ amino acid properties. 

    Nuzest -

    Other protein powders -

  • Chocolate 
  • There are so many great brands to use for your chocolate base, but we used Hu Kitchen Dark Chocolate snacking/baking gems to melt/use as our chocolate hard shell, and Lily's Dark Chocolate baking chips for the inside goodness. Both are a great vegan option, and stevia sweetened with low added sugar.

    Hu Chocolate gems -

    Lilly’s Chocolate chips -


  • Coconut Oil 
  • We used Nativa Coconut oil, as it is one of our top sellers. Organic, non-GMO, kosher, non-hydrogenated, and no cholesterol, it's made from freshly made from cold-pressed coconuts, with a light and pleasant coconut taste that is clean and pure tasting. You can also use it on your skin/hair for moisturizer!

    We also sell: 

  • Peanuts 
  • Any peanut will do! But if you are looking for a good nut brands, Daily Crunch has got you covered. They put their raw nuts through a signature 4-day process, which results in sprouted + dehydrated nuts that are more nutrient dense, easier to digest, and crunchier than raw or roasted nuts.


    Frozen Yogurt Filling 

    • ¼ cup peanut butter 
    • 1 cup yogurt of choice 
    • 2 tbsp mini chocolate chips or chopped chocolate 
    • 2 tbsp protein powder of choice 
    • ¼ tsp salt (optional)
    • 2 tbsp peanuts 

    Chocolate Coating 

    • 1 cup chocolate 
    • 2 tbsp coconut oil


    1. Combine all of your filling ingredients and stir together until fully incorporated
    2. Line a baking sheet or flat plate with parchment paper 
    3. Scoop about ¼ cup of the filling and make four circles on the parchment lined sheet or plate. Press a popsicle stick into each circle, or leave as is. If using a popsicle stick, be sure to cover the stick with filling. 
    4. Sprinkle peanuts over the top and press them in gently 
    5. Freeze for 2 hours 
    6. Melt the chocolate and coconut oil together, either in the microwave or stovetop in 30 second increments. Stir between each increment. 
    7. Once melted and smooth, use the chocolate to completely cover each frozen yogurt bar.
    8. Place each coated bar back on the parchment to allow the chocolate to harden. 
    9. Enjoy right away or keep in an airtight container in the freezer. 


    • Once super frozen, you may need the treats to thaw slightly or pop into the microwave for 10-15 seconds.

    And there you have it! Nothing better than satisfying your sweet tooth, without compromising your dietary goals and New Years resolutions. Feel free to get creative and make these in any shape or size you want! Opt for a much smaller, bite sized treat (sans popsicle stick) if that is of interest.

    Thanks for reading and be sure to check back next week for another blog!

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